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November 10, 2008

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Some pictures of this week surfing lessons in Praia Mole.Basic and security instructions given on the “ground” before going to the water. www.brazilsurfingadventure.com
October 29, 2008

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Denise and Nadine from Switserland before their first surf lesson in Praia Mole. http://brazilsurfingadventure.com
September 30, 2008

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This is the condition today here at Joaquina beach!! dont beleive it??? so please check out : http://waves.terra.com.br/novo/wavescheck.asp?pico=sc_floripa_joaca Enjoy a stress free surf vacation with surf […]
September 25, 2008

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Heiko from Germany got really good weather and surfing in Florianópolis during his stay with us this September. http://brazilsurfingadventure.com/
June 8, 2008

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The autumn is a really good time to vizit Florianópolis.The beach break in front of our Headquarter is delivering good waves this seasson . Here are […]
May 19, 2008

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http://brazilsurfingadventure.com/ Last week we had amaizing surfing in Joaquina beach.The waves were coming from behind “Careca´s stone“.
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