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November 10, 2008

Buy nolvadex post cycle, Buy nolvadex forum

Some pictures of this week surfing lessons in Praia Mole.Basic and security instructions given on the “ground” before going to the water.
October 29, 2008

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Denise and Nadine from Switserland before their first surf lesson in Praia Mole.
October 28, 2008

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The ASP circus is back in town!Today starts the window for the Hang Loose Pro 2008 10TH event of the ASP dream tour.The event will be […]
October 14, 2008

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The brazilian leg of the ASP world tour has started in Rio with the Oakley Rio Surf Pro and brazilian Simao Romao won with Greg Emslie […]
October 6, 2008

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Enjoy a stress free surfing vacation in Florianópolis with us!
October 6, 2008

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Brazilians dominate the Billabong Pro Junior and the Billabong Ladies Pro WQS finished this weekend at Santinho beach Florianópolis. Alex Ribeiro from Praia Grande, São Paulo […]
March 3, 2008

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good waves this weekend in all Floripa´s beaches

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