Florianopolis is considered an outdoor gymnasium for extreme sports. Its geography favors that since the island has 42 beaches, sand dunes, lagoons, waterfalls and many hills. For that reason the options you have for sports are endless. Surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle or SUP, windsurfing, wakeboarding, sandboarding, paragliding, hangliding, horseriding, rockclimbing, mountainbiking are the most practiced in this sports paradise. Most of them have specialized schools if you intend to adventure yourself in any of these activities.



Kitesurfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world. It is not different in Florianopolis, especially because of the conditions the island offers: Shallow lagoons, many surf spots and strong winds almost every day of the year. The most famous option is Lagoa da Conceição just a few minutes from our headquarters! Ibiraquera beach (2 hour drive from the island), it is considered one of the best places around for this sport. So, if kitesurfing is the purpose of your visit you are definitely in the right place and with the right crew.


The Stand Up Paddle or SUP as it is also known, is nothing more than a variation of surfing, practiced standing and using paddles to move through the water. A large board with excellent buoyancy, allows on the first day, the practitioner can stand on the board, paddle and enjoy the ride. In Florianópolis there are many places to conduct all SUP variations: currently, the sport is very practiced by families and tourists in Lagoa da Conceição, Lagoa do Peri, in the calm beaches of the North Bay and in the south of the Island places like Sambaqui and Ribeirão da Ilha, respectively, as well as open sea beaches such as Campeche, Jurerê , Barra da Lagoa, among others. Companies offer SUP rental and lessons throughout the year.


Home of windsurf world champion Cauli Seadi, Florianopolis is the perfect place for any sport involving a sail, specially windsurfing. With constant winds from all quadrants and water all around, how could it be different? You can try some lagoons, surf the waves in most of beaches, or even test your endurance going around the island. There are schools and sail shops near the Lagoa area ready to assist you whatever your needs.


There are sand dunes all around Florianopolis, but the most famous is close to Joaquina beach and it was named after a famous Hawaiian wave: Waimea. One side is a very fast drop; the other offers different angles of slope for different skills or guts. Boards are similar to snowboards and can be rented at the bottom of the dunes for about U$ 2 for a few hours, which is more than enough since the only way back up is walking.


When the wind is not so strong and usually onshore the sky shows different colors. Just look up the hills and you will see dozens of paraglides making their way through each other. It is by far the best way to see the area’s natural beauty. Even better is to land at Praia Mole beach, for example, and discover why this beach is so famous and where so many beautiful people come from. Several schools offer double flights for about U$ 25.


Lagoa da Conceicao is where most of the wake boarders have their fun in Florianopolis. Early mornings and at the end of the day when the wind is calmer and the water glassier its common to drive by the road that circles the lagoon and see wake boarders pulling their tricks. Boats and equipment are available for rent in this area.


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